Tommaso Toniolo

Software Developer, Escalation Engineer, Technical Leader

Tommaso Toniolo

Software Developer, Escalation Engineer, Technical Leader

Software Developer and Escalation Engineer. Particularly interested in development, messaging systems, cloud computing, virtualization and security. Confident with VMWare and Microsoft technologies availing of a deep understanding of network protocols. Deep developer background with the ability to design, code, debug and lead the the development of solution regardless fo their size. Keen interest in continual learning and new challenges as well as deeply technical or managerial career paths.


Software Engineering
C / C++
Cloud Computing
VPN (OpenVPN / IKEv2)
Technical Leadership
Business Acumen
Team Leading
Change Implementation
Project Design and Planning
Timely Delivery
People Development


Exchange Escalation Engineer and Messaging Developer
Jun. 2017 - Present

Upon terminating my 9-months experience as a Beta Rotational Engineer I got back in the EMEA Exchange Escalation Team.

Here I have resumed my high focus on Exchange Extensibility (REST / GRAPH / EWS) covering both development using these API's as well as debugging these web services. As SME I often get involved in complex matter, working with global organizations on the design and development of custom solutions that integrates with Microsoft Exchange. Other times I enjoy debugging GRAPH API, REST API and Exchange Web Services as well as other Exchange components.

Further to this I have been extending my global reach, as a technical leader, helping the wider technical community to grow. This is done primarily by mentoring engineers world-wide, help them grow as technical leaders produce and share readiness material and deliver technical sessions.

Exchange Beta Ranger
Sept. 2016 - Jun. 2017

As part of the Exchange Beta Team I am working with Product Managers and Developers on several new features and versions of Exchange Server that are getting developed and released. This involves testing software, debugging when required, suggesting changes and/or fixes if necessary.

I have been focusing on testing security enhancements (such as ensuring Exchange 2016 can work in absence of TLS 1.0 / 1.1 as well as Multi-Factor Authentication), API (such as REST API and GRAPH API, influencing the logic behind the "Cloud to On-Premises" proxy). I have also located areas of the product that had dependency on legacy .NET Framework (before 4.6) that were harming some new features' release.

I also have the pleasure to work with the MVP's community and collaborate with them as they're early adopters; this goes from helping fixing issues and testing workarounds to more complicate code-level investigations and bug analysis.

Exchange Support Escalation Engineer
Jan. 2014 - Aug. 2016

As part of the Exchange Support Premier Team I have been troubleshooting complex issues, helping with migrations both to the newer Exchange releases as well as to the cloud. I also reviewed customers design documents confirming they stand by the Microsoft best practices are fit for the business. I have got the opportunity to work with large and giant enterprises around the globe (more than 250,000 users), lasing with Senior management while showing Technical Leadership.

I have also been part of the Messaging Dev Team, here I had the pleasure to design and develop custom applications (C#) and scripts (PowerShell) that integrates with Microsoft Exchange. This is primarily done leveraging Exchange Web Services or the Exchange Management Shel but, sometimes consists in writing brand new PowerShell Modules or Cmdlets as well as background (daemon) applications. Often I also develop applications that leverages Exchange REST API and Microsoft GRAPH API.

Being part of the Escalation team also entails being able to investigate Exchange issues from different angles, including code-level analysis via live debugging or and application tracing. Aside from the above I also created technical documentation, blog articles and public KB's as well as mentor colleagues across teams and geographical locations.

I also looked after the Exchange On-Premise business such as leading the Escalation team, liaising with the internal stakeholders and help shaping how the business looks like.

Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Dell (formerly Quest Software)
Dec. 2012 - Dec. 2013

As part of a Global Virtual Team I was responsible for supporting customers all over EMEA on the Exchange suite of products. This meant investigating issues from different angles while coupling this with deep SQL and C# skills as well as liaise with Research and Development to influence the fixed and feature release.

I'm independent, self-motivated, a team player; this allowed me to be well organized while working remotely. As such as I had got the pleasure to work on internal projects such as troubleshooting automation, lab deployment and many others.

Microsoft Online Services - Subject Matter Expert
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mar. 2012 - Nov. 2012

As SME for BPOS and Office 365 I was responsible for helping colleagues when they were out of knowledge; this was mainly a “behind the scenes” role as I was focusing on providing action plans, investigation paths as well as training and workshop to the team members.

I have also participated in the design and development of a new internal application aimed to help engineers to lower the time spent on administrative tasks while enabling management to have a better picture of the business.

Microsoft Online Services - Technical Support Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Aug. 2011 - Mar. 2012

As a Support Engineer I have been focusing towards supporting customers on technologies such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft AD FS. This required both a technical expertise as well as soft-skills to handle political and critical situations.

I was responsible to run the Technical Assessments to potential new hires.

Software Engineer and Developer Lead

After a month of Cobol training I started to work on the software developed by Infracom; this focus on the Insurance and Banking area. I started working in the team that was responsible to add features as well as fix bugs on Finv and SyFe.

Shortly after I started going on-site to customers and work with them to customize the products to meet their needs; these customers were Intesa San Paolo, Ca.Ri. Firenze, Poste Italiane, the BCC group, B.P. Verona e Novara.

In the last year I was seconded to Intesa San Paolo; Here I focused on DevOps participating in the Application Management and service delivery. This included emergency bug fixes, manual updates to database, code changes, all after thorough incident investigation or application crashes.

During my work at Infracom I also had the opportunity to lead a team of developers (as a Developer Lead) over multiple projects as well as features design, implementation and delivery. While I was a Developer Lead I frequently liaised with Product Managers helping designing as well as forecasting time and labour for features, code changes and customizations.


Pro.Sci. Training

This Change Management workshop was aimed to give me the ability to implement Change Management by leveraging the ADKAR framework.

Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

This certification assess the ability to design, create and manage services, virtual machines, networks, applications hosted in Azure.

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage

This hands-on training course explores installation, configuration, and management of VMware vSphere, which consists of VMware vSphere ESXi and VMware vCenter Server. Completion of this course satisfies the prerequisite for the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam.

Microsoft Online Services (BPOS, Office 365, W15, Transition) training

During those 5 weeks of training I had the chance to deep-dive through the online services world; the main topics were Exchange Online, Lync Online, Sharepoint Online and their integration with the on-premise counterpart. At the end this course I was able to identify for every issue its root cause and deliver in a timely and reliable manner the best solution.

Course for new entrepreneurs

This free and open training was carried out from the local authority that supervises enterprises. The scope was to provide all the information to the attendees so they would have been able to identify a market segment interesting for each of them, understand what was the market share and what was attainable, then develop the core business for the new enterprise with a clear idea on which will be the estimated incomes and outcomes. I was also exposed to cutting-edge marketing solutions.

European Computer Driving License

This a MS Office related certification that certifies a deep understanding and professional use of the Microsoft productivity suite.

COBOL, CICS, JCL and DB/2 Training

This training was delivered by my former employer to the new employees with the scope to code COBOL applications that would have been run on an IBM mainframe environment. Other than coding we had the possibility to learn and master the scripting ability by using the JCL language, also we got all the required knowledge that led us to develop foreground applications integrated with CICS maps. The DB/2 part of the training was more focused on the indexing and DB maintenance as a prerequisite of the job was proficient SQL skills.

IT High School Diploma

This institute has state of the art professors and laboratories. The path I had chosen is IT and that lead me to became proficient both in structured as well as object-oriented development languages; On top this gave me all the network and system administration skills that were required to join the job market while standing to world-class, enterprise-grade delivery.


Tommaso has a great work ethic and high attention to detail. He always did the extra work to get things done right the first time. I would highly recommend Tommaso as he has the passion and dedication this industry need. Andrew Luitink, Exchange Product Support Engineer, Binary Tree
Tommaso was a professional support engineer with intensive technical skills. He had good skills to serve customers. He was also a nice team player. I enjoyed to work with him. Jun Yang, Senior Software Engineer, Quest Software
I've had the pleasure of working with Tommaso for an year. During this time his focus, strong desire to get the job done and skillful technical troubleshooting were impressive. The quality of work performed by him continues to be of the highest standard. Overall Tommaso is an asset to any organization he works for. Gaurav Raina, Senior Technical Support Manager, Quest Software
Tommaso technical skills are excellent and he leads by example. He has progressed to a Senior engineer within the team and is thought very highly by his colleagues and also by customers. Tommaso has excellent personal skills and dealt with tricky customers in a very effective way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tommaso to any employer. Garrett Synnott, General Manager, Cognizant
When working on a continuous improvement opportunity, I called upon Tommaso to be a part of my project team. Quite honestly, that's the highest recommendation possible when you want to engage someone to be a part of a major global project based on your previous working knowledge of that individual.
Tommaso is a delightful person, always willing to help and always with a smile. I would truly recommend Tommaso to any future company and would have him high on my list of re-hires if ever the opportunity arose Maria Connor, Sales Strategy & Planning Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise